About Us

Mottle - Verb: "To mark with spots or smears of color"

Super-Mottle.com LLC was birthed in the San Francisco Bay Area in December 2021. Our Merch is designed to bring an awareness to the beauty of Vitiligo and address the stigma that is often associated with this skin condition.

The cause of Vitiligo is unknown and there is no known cure for it but we at Super-Mottle.com believe that awareness brings acceptance and inclusion, which allows us the opportunity to give back and to raise this awareness in many circles. Portions of our sales will go to Vitiligo support groups and awareness initiatives.

We look forward to you becoming a Super-Mottle and raising your fist with us!



Elsa Valera

Elsa Valera, President and Co-Founder

Welcome to Super-Mottle.com! I'm a first generation American, my parents being from a small town in Mexico. I was born in San Francisco and raised in a small beach town nearby.

We hadn’t heard of, much less seen anything, related to vitiligo when I was growing up. It wasn’t until I was around 8 years old that my "spots" started. After some testing, I was diagnosed with vitiligo.

I had no idea how this diagnosis would impact my life, with its sporadic appearance on my skin, and its seemingly rapid spread. I quickly felt ashamed of my skin, and began wearing long-sleeves, and pants - YEAR ROUND.

After decades of hiding in plain sight, I learned to love my skin. Now, I’m excited to encourage all walks of life to rock their natural beauty!

Welcome to Super-Mottle.com, my friends!